10 Innovative Ideas to Spend your Lockdown Time More Productively


10 Innovative Ideas to Spend your Lockdown Time More Productively

Currently, when the novel Coronavirus has nearly put our lives to a standstill situation, respite from boredom and anxiety of living indoors is much needed. If you are confused about how to spend time during the lockdown period, you should take hearts from the fact that there are plenty of ways in which you can keep yourself engaged. You can always add colour to your life without breaking the rules of lockdown, i.e., you can do a whole lot of things while staying indoors to spend quality time with yourselves.

  1. Learn or hone a new skill

If you are thinking about how to productively use your time, then you can learn a thing or two or develop a skill. It can be a college course which you loved but you have forgotten due to time. It can be cooking or painting or writing. If you are looking for resources and guidance, there is a huge amount of resources you can find online. There are many available online courses and many of them are free of cost.

  • Learn gardening

Gardening is an immensely pleasurable experience. If you have a rooftop that you feel requires a new touch or a window that you feel needs decoration, you can plant trees in pots. There is no need to go outside in search of the goods you need. You can find something in your scrapes that would go perfectly as pots. You can use seeds of vegetables for seeding purposes. Try to produce home-made manure. All combined, you can have your mini wonder garden.

  • Learn Yoga and Practice Meditation

You can learn Yoga and practice meditation at this time. These two disciplines are aimed at improving your health as well as mind. Since you are already in the home and this has put you off the track from your daily routine, you must be in a healthy emotional, as well as physical state so that you do not fall ill, or suffer from anxiety. To learn Yoga and meditation you can watch videos online or download an app that will fulfill your daily needs.   

  • Learn a new language

There is no right age to learn a new language. If you have a love for language, you can learn a new one at this time. Learning a language requires patience and a craving to learn. For further assistance and resources, you can refer to the internet. The internet has enriched resources for anyone willing to learn a new language. You can even experiment with your language learning. Try learning an obsolete language, or a language of tribal folks.

  • Carpentry

If you find woods in your storeroom that look discarded, you can try to make a table or tool out of it. Maybe, you will also find some screws or bolts. Some basic instruments might as well be available to your household. Use Youtube guides for reference. Carpentry is a wonderful skill to have. And you will love the experience of making furniture (or even a box) from scratch. If making furniture sounds too ambitious, then you can try to carve out a picture on a wooden canvas.

  • Develop a social skill

It is always important for us to hone our skills to be fully developed human beings. When distractions are at a bare minimum, and you have a lot of time in your hand because of lockdown, you can start working on your social skills. Practice dummy conversations, talk to friends and family via phone and internet, talk more instead of texting, engage empathically with your family members in your household or lend a helping hand for house chores. All these will help you to become a better human being in the coming days.

  • Start a blog

Ever felt like reaching out to more people with your writing? Then blogging is a perfect way to do exactly that. Now that you have time, you can write on any topic that you like or have knowledge about. Share your thoughts in prose or poetry, write travel journals, and decorate your blog with photographs. You can also visit the website of a digital marketing agency in Kolkata and learn the techniques of writing a great blog. Many cherish to have a good blog on their name and this is the right time to become an experienced blogger.

  • Read books

This is probably the most important thing that you should do during the lockdown period. Books take your mind away from troubles and help you to concentrate. In times like these, when we need a new perspective or a new approach towards life, books will provide you that guidance. They will make you imaginative, reflective and a better listener. Overall, books will make you a different and better human being. So please, try out the new and old books from your bookrack. They are probably man’s best friend.

  • Start a journal

You can try to jot down your experience of lockdown in a journal, which will prove to be a valuable document for future reference. Writing journals is a hobby and skill many people lack. But anyone can maintain a journal on their own. It does not require any extra knowledge. What requires is your effort to capture your moments in words in those diary pages. Find out a diary and start gathering your experiences and thoughts.

  1. Write a story or a poem

Besides reading, writing can be a good language exercise. Consider writing a story for the first time, if you have not written one or carve your feelings out in forms of poetry. Both of them are a good start for the small litterateur hidden in you. If you want to learn how to structure a story you can take online help. To enrich the language, read books.

These are some productive yet important ways with which you can spend your time during the lockdown. Make sure, the creativity flows through you and you see the light at the end of the tunnel during these efforts. Learning or specializing a skill will always be an added advantage for you in the coming future.

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