Coronavirus in India: Its effects on the digital marketing industry


Coronavirus in India: Its effects on the digital marketing industry

Coronavirus or COVID-19 which first broke out in China back in December 2019 have now made inroads in India most recently. As this blog is being written, a total number of 81 confirmed cases have been reported from various corners of the country. The pandemic (as declared by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020) has spread panic and confusion in various private and industrial sectors. Though it is still early days to predict what will happen in the long run, it will be a wise thing to assume that Coronavirus will pose some amount of economic challenges to various industries.

The digital marketing industry will have to figure out the ways of coping with the challenges posed by Coronavirus. At present, companies are careful and observant, studying the whole situation. Any drop in the sale is closely monitored. Some still think that this dim situation can work as a motivation for companies to perform well in the future. But currently, because of the damage suffered by the hospitality and travel industries, digital marketing companies are suspicious of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Many predict that there will be a drop in ad revenues in this quarter. As an SEO agency in India, one should take extra precautions and care in this time of crisis.

The debate that is causing a lot of discussion among various peer groups is how Coronavirus will impact most- a drop in revenue or issues in employee health care. Employee health is a vital issue that these companies will not be able to neglect, as employees are the most important resources for any company.

Health Care

For any digital marketing agency in Kolkata, employee health should be the main concern.  As these are still early days, health awareness programs can create some amount of trust-building between the company and the employees.

Drop-in Advertisements

Google is showing a drop in the advertisement at present. This is a worrying sign. Companies which rely heavily on these advertisements to bring new clients, they are likely to suffer because of this situation. Companies with a tie-up with the hospitality and travel sectors are also likely to languish. To stop this from happening, digital marketing companies need to have well thought out strategies to counter these challenges.

Digital marketing companies also are not sure of how long this virus will disrupt their businesses. The concern is that if the virus keeps on causing problems for a longer period, then its impact can be severe. An impact on a particular industry can start a chain reaction to sabotage other industries as well.

At this moment it is safe to believe that the impact of Coronavirus on the digital marketing agency is still limited. If the situation becomes critical, then the companies will have to take several safety measures to safeguard their work process. At present, the global impact of Coronavirus on the digital marketing agency is not that grave. Companies are taking lots of steps to change their marketing strategies to thwart any negative impact caused by the pandemic. This should be their working philosophy- to monitor the situation and keep updating their existing strategy as and when required.

Experts believe that a time may come when the digital marketing agencies will have to cut their spending.  That is also a cause of distress, as the main driving force of an SEO agency in India is a limited budget. If it comes down to cutting down on budgets that are low from the beginning, companies may suffer greatly.

These companies also depend on periodic sales as they have limited resources. So, a drop in sales will mean a disruption in their functionality. Also, understanding the impact remains a problematic matter. It is difficult to comment on the goals that these companies need to have to tackle the situation.

Digital marketing companies run on various factors- clients’ requirements, current e-commerce scenarios, and other factors as well. If one section is hampered, the other will take a hit as well. A digital marketing agency in Kolkata might say that as the impact of the virus is still not felt locally on a bigger scale, the local companies are safe for the time being. That might be the case currently, but the situation may take a sudden turn. So it is best to remain careful of any impending situation and then, act accordingly.

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