Covid-19: Debunking the 15 Popular Myths about the Virus


Covid-19: Debunking the 15 Popular Myths about the Virus  

In times of crisis, things become more problematic when you expose people to rumours. Unfortunately, many Coronavirus myths are circulating. In this blog, we try to shed some light on this issue by bringing forth the true reality, thus clearing your doubts about the virus. As the provider of a variety of digital marketing services in Kolkata, we aim to raise awareness about the pandemic. We hope that this blog will be of help to you.

References in this blog have been taken from WHO (World Health Organization), Medical News Today and John Hopkins Medicine. The links of these websites are provided at the end of the website.  

Myth 1: Coronavirus is destroyed in cold conditions

Reality: This is a myth. No evidence so far has suggested that Coronavirus is destroyed in cold conditions. Frost or snow does not kill the virus at the same time.

Myth 2: Coronavirus acts in specific weather conditions

Reality: This is also not true. We have seen outbreaks of the virus in cold weather conditions like Europe and hot and humid conditions like Iran. So, as things stand, there is no reason to believe that the virus will work in certain weather and will not work in other weather conditions.

Myth 3: A hot bath can kill the virus

Reality: This is a terrible idea. Hygiene is important but taking a hot bath alone will not kill the virus. On the contrary, people might get seriously ill because of random hot showers.

Myth 4: Sunlight kills Coronavirus

Reality: Sunlight does not kill Coronavirus. Evidence suggests that the virus survives in harsh weather conditions. So, those who are saying that exposure to sunlight will cause coronavirus to recede, are spreading a lie.

Myth 5: Noises of higher frequencies can kill Coronavirus

Reality: There is no evidence to suggest that. Viruses are immune to sounds. It cannot affect them. So no matter whatever types of noise you make, the virus will remain if it is already there.

Myth 6: Antibiotics can kill Coronavirus

Reality: Antibiotics can destroy bacteria, but not viruses.

Myth 7: Children are immune to Coronavirus

Reality: This is not true as well. It is just that children’s symptoms are moderate than an older person. But children are equally susceptible to the virus just like an older person is.

Myth 8: Coronavirus can be cured by gargling bleach, by taking acetic acid, saltwater or ethanol

Reality: None of these are true. There is no evidence to suggest that any of these are true. Instead, all these actions can lead to a potentially harmful situation.

Myth 9: Coronavirus was created in a laboratory by humans

Reality: Viruses have mutating ability. Most likely it came to humans through animals or bats, but still, there is no conclusive evidence to any of these. Scientists think that the virus came to the human as a natural process.

Myth 10: masks will safeguard against the virus

Reality: Masks will shield from air pollutions. But through normal masks too, droplets can enter into your respiratory system. And masks are mainly for medical care professionals, and not for the mass.

Myth 10: Chinese people are potentially dangerous

Reality: This is a racist attack on the Chinese people. An individual has nothing to do with a virus. And anyone as a potential career of the virus can affect others, regardless of his or her ethnic origin.

Myth 11: By spraying chlorine or alcohol into your body you can kill the virus

Reality: This is again harmful. You cannot kill a virus that is inside your body by spraying liquids outside. Though, these can work as sanitizing agents. They can be used to disinfect surfaces with germs, bacteria or viruses.

Myth 12: Coronavirus affects exactly like a flu

Reality: No. The virus shows symptoms of flu, but it is much more complicated and severe than normal flu. Scientists are still trying to figure out all the possible symptoms and the effect of the virus on the human body.

Myth 13: There is a vaccine for the virus

Reality: So far, scientists are unable to come up with a vaccine for this disease. As things stand, there is no vaccination for Coronavirus.

Myth 14: Cow urine will cure Coronavirus

Reality: Consuming cow urine is potentially dangerous for the human body. It can severely damage your kidney. There is no evidence to say that cow urine can cure Coronavirus.

Myth 15: Coronavirus only affects older people

Reality: People with all age groups can fall prey to Coronavirus. Because of old age health-related problems or because of a poor immune system, older people are in danger of falling victim to this devious virus.

Most of the above myths that we have talked about ask from us a more educated understanding of the cause and effect of the virus. There will be myths around, but the important fact is to ignore them and know what the truth is. Coronavirus is causing trouble worldwide; an alarming number of patients are infected by it. In this condition, we need to be vigilant; otherwise, it can be the cause of a catastrophe as well. And we must not let that happen.

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