How will Coronavirus impact our lives in the coming days?


How will Coronavirus impact our lives in the coming days?

Because of the current Coronavirus pandemic, many things will change in the future, or so we can assume. From healthcare to schools, from offices to the travel industry- things will transform into something new. Let us investigate how things might be changed and what will be the implications of it.

Changes in Educational Institutes

School and college examination will likely be deferred for a few more days because of the loss of days for the lockdown. An impact might also be felt in the coming academic calendar. They may be restructured. Schools will also have to take care of the matter of how to make sure that the education of students does not get hampered in the future if such a similar situation arises. They may have to consider alternatives such as online courses in these circumstances. Issues of students’ mental health and continuity will also be major talking points.

Changes in Offices

When offices will resume their normal proceedings, they might try to reschedule works and put emphasis on work from home. Office meetings also will be conducted through video calling and teleconferencing. And employee health and wellbeing issues will be considered as very important matters.

Entertainment Industry

Entertainment industries will also experience changes. As a digital marketing company in Kolkata, we presume artistic endeavors will reach a new dimension through the online interaction of artists, composers, and performers with the audience. Issues such as alternative incomes of artists will also be intensely discussed in the public domain.

Health Care

The biggest changes will probably take place in the health care sectors. Hospitals and nursing homes will have to be better equipped with life support systems. They will have to provide doctors and nurses with more protective gear. Governments have to remodel the infrastructure to remain better prepared for these kinds of situations. More test kits to detect the infection will have to be arranged. Also, they will try to make arrangements for mass testing for situations like these.

Community Welfare Program

Community welfare will also probably get a boost. Many responsible citizens will get involved in the welfare of the underprivileged section of society. We will probably see that community kitchens will solve problems of hunger for the poor and marginalized in desperate situations. Through the different welfare support groups, we will also probably find that people are coming forward to help the poor through the donation of money and food and other essential items.

Animals and Environment

Many others will probably take responsibility for tending the stray animals. Governments might allot funds so that animals do not suffer. People will be more concerned about pollution and other hazards for the environment.

Changes in the Lives of daily Labourers

The governments will have to rethink their policies about daily labourers. Their financial security and job security will be a primary concern for the administration. They will also have to make provisions so that the daily labourers do not suffer in these situations.

Home Delivery of Goods and Food Items

More people will consider home delivery a very important part of their lives. Home delivery personnel will earn more respect and better wages. And people will get more accustomed to the concept of home delivery.


Important sectors such as banks will also witness the transformation. Due to the emergency, they will probably take measures on how to serve more efficiently and more urgency.

Changes in Emergency Services

Other sectors such as police, fire brigade, and municipalities will become more vigilant and effective for these difficult situations.

Changes in Travelling and the Industries Associated with it

The travel sector will probably take time to reorient itself. It will have to find ways to handle the situation if a similar disaster falls upon them again. Also, airports and other transit points will keep screening passengers for the next few months. Restrictions on foreign travel will be there in place for security reasons.

Social Customs and Hygiene

Social customs such as public gatherings will also be scrutinized. People will be extra cautious with their hygiene issues. Spitting in public places might be penalized. And people will be encouraged more to follow civic rules for their good.

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