Importance of Social Distancing in times of Coronavirus


Importance of Social Distancing in times of Coronavirus

Many would say that as long as the Coronavirus is not affecting them, there is no need to maintain a certain protocol to remain safe. But that is where they are wrong. Social distancing comes at a time when the world is reeling with the effect of the virus. The reason why every individual should take care of the matter of social distancing is that our health care is not well equipped to deal with this kind of viruses. The initial spread of the virus is slow. But as days go by, we might discover that the figure has jumped up to an alarming number.

That is where social distancing comes into play. Social distancing is a practice of staying indoors, doing away with the things that people would normally do in a risk –free environment. This practice reduces the chance of further spreading of the virus. In those countries, where the spread of the virus is relatively low, or where the virus has not spread at a community level, social distancing becomes necessary to minimize the damage.

Places of public gathering

Public places where people gather in large numbers are places of high risk. Schools, colleges or Universities, workplaces, public transport- all of them fall under the category of risk-prone areas. It is thus important to avoid these places currently. Also, museums and cultural centers come under this category. Social distancing is a way of avoiding the further spread of the virus. By not attending to these places, governments and administrations want to ensure that the virus does not spread further among people, thus keeping people safe and as a digital marketing company in Kolkata; we have to spread this awareness. Also, the medical facilities will remain fully functional knowing that they will not have to attend a large number of patients all of a sudden. This assurance (for the health and medical personnel) is very important. Their task will not become monumental and they will be able to treat the earlier infected patients with relative ease.


Any ceremonial activities, if possible should be canceled, as this is another occasion where people gather around in numbers. The task is to keep the risk at a bare minimum. People should avoid doing those things where they do not have to expose themselves to a large crowd.

Issues in health care

Currently, our medical facilities have a limited number of beds or equipment to treat patients with the COVID-19 virus. So, we have to be extremely careful that the number of patients does not rise to a number where medical facilities would give up. Again, it is not about individuals, but rather the safety of the community that we are dealing with.

Our collective understanding

We are at a stage when strict measures are the only way to cut down on the number of infected cases. When medical practitioners are fighting day and night at the battle lines, it becomes our utmost duty to adhere to guidelines of social distancing, for moral and ethical reasons. We, as part of a society, should take the onus on ourselves to fight the virus collectively. It is us who have to understand first, that any carelessness on our behalf might cause severe damage to our society in the coming days. Our fellow countrymen can suffer because of our negligence to observe social distancing. So, it is important to follow the guidelines and keep everyone else safe from the virus.

India and its many communities

Countries like India where social awareness is a real challenge, maintaining social distancing might become a challenge. But by properly educating people about the reasons why social distancing should be observed, we can fight this battle. Every corner of the society, irrespective of class, should join. The spread of the virus is rapid. Hence, people should be made aware of this fact. Even if they think, that as they are not infected they are safe. Everyone has to play a role in alleviating the disease. It is not about one particular age or income group who are under threat- but everyone. This simple fact must be kept in mind.

Role of Government

The role of the government during social distancing is also crucial. First, they have to ensure that all the guidelines issued by the authorities are maintained. Then, they have to make sure during this process people must not suffer in getting basic amenities. We have already seen the instance of Janata Curfew, where people were told not to come out of their houses for at least 14 hours.

State governments are taking measures individually to curb the menace of the virus. In quite a few states of India, state governments have issued directives for a lockdown for an extended period. During this time people are asked to maintain certain rules regarding their daily affairs. Other issues such as the welfare of the poor and workers are also given importance by the governments.

The government is already prepared for any aggravation that might take place due to the virus. At the same time, they are also vigilant to keep the law and order in check. If people fail to understand the importance of social distancing, then the government along with various medical bodies will make them aware of the situation and bring things under control.

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