Add-on Services


With the planning behind us, apart from the Design and Content assets, we share a plethora of Add-On-Services. We add Tools and Applications that produce results.

Administrative Support

  • Optimize Web Pages and Graphics for speed & performance.
  • Traffic Analysis & Site Performance Monitoring. Setting up & Integrating Third-Party like Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, Affiliate tracking systems.
  • Administer your Email service/Webmail.
  • Monthly, weekly or daily backups depending on your requirement to ensure Data Security & business continuity.

Customer Service

We provide the most popular and highly-rated Customer Service Software Solutions. Whether by Phone, Web, Chat or Email this Customer Support Software enables Agents and Customers to quickly connect and solve customer problems. Sales Cloud Customer Service Software includes Case Management, Customer Access across all channels, Integration with Legacy Data Systems, Pre-Built Integration Apps, Support Ticketing, Knowledge Base, Routing and Escalation, and Queue Management. It is time to take your customer service to the next level.

Transcription Services

In addition to converting your audio or video to a text file fast and accurate, we offer a complete online experience. Transcripts are delivered with powerful Tools for Interviews, Meetings, Films, and more.

Project Management

  • Capturing Project Requirements, Specifying the Quality of the Deliverables, Estimating Resources and Timescales.
  • Preparing a Business Case to justify the Investment.
  • Securing Corporate Agreement and Funding.
  • Managing the Risks, Issues, and Changes on the project.
  • Managing the Project Budget.
  • Maintaining Communications with Stakeholders.
  • Closing the Project in a Controlled Fashion when appropriate.

Calendar Management

Time counts. We make your Calendar as a basic piece of Productive Organizational Equipment to make the most of your Workday and Streamline your efforts. Right from Record-Keeping to Scheduling, we assist with Calendars that are smarter and collate Data.