Why going digital during lockdown is best for your business?


Why going digital during lockdown is best for your business?

The COVID 19 pandemic has forced a global lockdown so as to ‘flatten the curve’. But, naturally, the lockdown has already affected a large number of businesses all over the world. Among them, the small businesses viz. the local ones are the most affected. As the lockdown continues in India (as well as in most of the nations around the world), small-time entrepreneurs of both the retail as well as the services sector (except the sellers of essential goods) are losing money in the daily basis due to the disruption of the businesses. However, as every cloud has a silver lining, if you are an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of the lockdown phase to maximize your revenue.

What you need to do is you have to Go Digital.

Go Digital? What is it?

By going digital we mean that you take your business online. Well it doesn’t have to be home delivery of products right away but at a certain point of time, it is a hard truth that if you are a provider or supplier of products, you will need to start home delivery options. For that, you can assign your delivery staff or sell products through several E-commerce platforms such as Amazon or Flipkart.     

To begin with, social media is the best place to start off your promotions. We are emphasizing on online promotions because this actually works if you do it right and you can do it yourself too. Moreover, in this lockdown period people are very much active on the social media so there is a high probability that they will see your business and will be ready to buy from you once the lockdown ends. Listed below are some of the steps in which you can promote yourself on the social media for a better brand reach or campaign about your products.

Facebook Page

To boost a local business a Facebook page is the best platform as it comes with a plethora of beautiful features. In fact, if anyone is into digital marketing in Kolkata, he or she will recommend you to do this in the first hand.

  • Step 1

Start a page as a business page with the name of your business and a proper Category. During the process you can upload a logo and a cover video but let’s save it for step 2. The first you need to provide is the Page Info which is a solid description of your business in short that is enticing, and will help you to connect with the sellers.

  • Step 2

After filling up the details of your page such as the page info phone number, address etc. it is time for the logo and a cover photo. You can use any online tools such as Fotor, Pixlr, Canva or Online Image Editor (details at the end of the blog) for designing your display picture (profile pic) and the cover photo. After making them, upload it.

  • Step 3

Your page is now ready. You can start posting. Begin with one or two posts starting with a good introduction of yourself, the products you are selling and what you are planning after the lockdown to attract your customers. You can use the default background colour mode for posts on Facebook to make the post attractive and eye-catchy. From the second or 3rd post you can take advantage of the online image tools to design a graphic, a creative to attract more people. Since digital marketing in Kolkata has achieved a reputed position in India, you can also take the help of graphic designers or a digital marketing agency to handle content for you.

  • Step 4

Your page needs likes so that people can actually see your posts. The easiest way to do it is to invite your friends to like your page. You can also add another administrators and moderators to manage your page. They can also invite people to like the page. The more likes your page have, the better will its acceptability be towards your potential customers.

  • Step 5

A WhatsApp number, along with a phone number will make it easier for your customers to contact you. So include that though it is up to you. However, we strongly recommend that you set up an automated chat response to be always in touch with your customers making enquiry about your product or services on your page.

Instagram Account

At present Instagram is on fire as it is the best place to share your photos with your friends and loved ones. But, do you know that it is a platform where you can actually boost your business? You don’t need much to do. Just carry out the same procedures we have mentioned for Facebook but with hashtags. Because hashtags are the key to attaining greater reach. What’s more when you start to type, Instagram gives you suggestions of the most trending hashtags. Use the hashtags as much as possible to get a good amount of post reach.

Google Business Listing

As an entrepreneur your business needs to be found and you can leverage the search engine for that. Google is the most popular search engine and to list your business on it so that it can be found easily with a few keywords, just type ‘Google My Business’ in your browser’s search bar. This falls under the category of digital marketing in Kolkata and it is a necessity for your business. Login with your Gmail id and follow the steps. We have included a guide at the end of this blog.

Continuous Promotions

We will shortly discuss the advantage of Going Digital though we have already discussed the goals and objectives of going digital. But before we conclude, we need to make it clear that just like Rome was not built in a day, seldom making posts on the social platforms will hardly get you more customers. You have to make regular posts that are captivating so that customers see you as trustworthy and recognize you as a good brand or business with whom they can connect.

Advantages of Going Digital

The advantages are huge. In India specifically, the government is pushing the Digital Indiaprogramme so that it becomes easier for customers to buy anything without hassles and it becomes easier for the sellers to manage transactions. Other advantages are:

  1. Brand Reach

Get a good brand reach by going digital as it will help you to get a large number of customers. Connecting with the customers will also be easier if your business in online.

  • Brand Reputation

It is a truth that brand reputation matters for which digital marketing in Kolkata has flourished. Digital marketers can guide you on the ways to get more likes on your social media accounts as well as perform SEO on your business website (if you have one) so that it can be found with certain keywords on search engines. They will also handle the reviews for you as it is important to maintain positive reviews.

  • Better ROI

The target is naturally a good ROI and as the current trend suggests, it can be maximized by going digital and collaborating with E-commerce sites for home delivery of products. Additionally, you can plan for discounts that you can give to customers after the lockdown and promote it on social media to achieve ROI quickly after the lockdown.

So, the end results of our analysis is that better late than never. The time is now to save your business and the only way to do it is to Go Digital. In the beginning revenue generation might seem a bit slow but as the condition gets better your business will be right on track and that can be attributed to the online platforms that are providing us with fantastic business opportunities.

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