Why you must continue your online promotions during the lockdown?


Why you must continue your online promotions during the lockdown?

Lockdown has posed some questions on the effectiveness of digital marketing. Many are asking questions on why they should still pursue their ventures as the country is currently at a halt. To answer this question, let us look at it closely.

When there is a lockdown, businesses and services are at a standstill. Subsequently, the revenue generation is also dropping. In this scenario, continuing your online promotions is advisable as there is a possibility that people will still show interest in your product and services. And when lockdown gets over, you can turn these interests into sales.

Online businesses will indeed face problems at this time. They will find it hard to generate profits. But you should not take a hard stance in this situation. You should consider the situation practically. An abrupt break in your business promotions can be detrimental for your brand and your customers. Your customers need to know that the product and service are still available at this difficult time. So even if you feel there will not be enough conversions, you should continue your usual online business.

Small / Medium E-commerce Platforms

If you are an e-commerce site and you think that your products or services will not be able to get sold you should continue promotions of your products online. This will help in keeping the audience interactions with your business going and will reduce the chance of losing relevance.

Software Services Provider

Even in lockdown, an online software manufacturer and seller will continue promoting their services. This is because they know someone will still be interested in buying their software online. You should also think like a software company. You have to consider that someone somewhere will still be looking for your product or service at this time. And because of that, you need to stick to your promotions.

Online promotions are important because users are constantly talking about various products and services over the internet. So, it is essential to grab their attention. In this crisis too, users will continue to talk in various mediums. Hence you should keep doing your online promotions.

As a digital marketing company in India, we feel that a sudden pause in your online promotions can wreak havoc on your brand. So, to safeguard your brand you need your online promotions to continue.

Even if you feel that your online promotions will not be as effective as it used to be, you should still not look away. Instead, you should develop innovative and interesting strategies to make your online promotions work. You can attract potential customers to buy your product or service by giving a special discount at this time.

In this lockdown, social media engagement has increased exponentially. People are using social media to get rid of boredom or other depressive factors. This is an ideal scenario for businesses to keep notifying the users about their brand through online promotions. Social media applications are trying to use this opportunity to provide better resources to their users. So if you are a company, you should follow this trend and promote your online business through digital marketers.

Online Education / Tutoring Platforms

Various forms of online promotions are possible even during this crisis. You can try organizing a webinar if you are an educational or social platform. You can try to engage more people with you through an online music concert if you are a media or news medium.

The Overall Scenario

Currently, because of lockdown, search traffic has increased. So it is a great time to promote your business online as you will be able to get more views on your products and services because of this upsurge. This is also an ideal time to think of doing personal branding. Personal branding can open up new avenues in lockdown. They can help you get more accessibility and people will have a better knowledge of what you do.

Online promotions at this time will help in rebuilding the faith of your customer on your product or service.  It will give you the courage to understand your shortcomings and give you the willpower to face and find way out to deal with difficult situations.


User engagement in social media is at its peak currently. In this situation, marketing companies can think of promoting their products through a variety of ways such as SEO, Ad campaigns, creative and videos (more on that later). They can notify the online community how their experiences will be by using a particular product or service. In this way, they can directly influence the online users to get attracted to their products. As social media platforms are being used more frequently and average time spend has increased to a large factor, companies should utilize this situation and introduce their products and services through this medium in innovative ways.

You should continue with your online promotions because you want to keep your customers better equipped with information at this time. You have to understand that desperate situations call for desperate measures. In this situation, marketing companies have to revisit their promotion methods and need to have a sensitive approach. You cannot be successful in your promotions until and unless you realize what is the need of the hour. It is also crucial to figure out how to do your online promotions at this time.

These are some of the major reasons why you should continue your online promotions during the lockdown.

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